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Durable and Comfortable Carryall in North Carolina

Appalachian Golf Cars is proud to be the authorized dealer of Club Car throughout North Carolina. We have a wide selection of Carryall personal utility vehicles available at our dealership in North Carolina. The Carryall is a durable and versatile PTV, making it an excellent selection for personal and commercial use. Whether you need a PTV to make work easier around the farm or you’re searching for ways to improve your business’s efficiency, we can help. Our knowledgeable and experienced sales professionals can help you select the right PTV for your residential, commercial, or industrial property. The Carryall is completely customizable to match your budget and needs. Are you ready to tackle your next project?

Carryall Golf car

Choose the Versatile Carryall for Any Project

The Carryall Club Car is designed to help you handle any issues around your commercial, residential, or industrial property. Every model is equipped with a cargo bed for tool storage, material transportation, and anything else you may need while on the job. Despite its unmatched durability, the Carryall provides an exceptionally comfortable ride for the driver and one additional passenger with its best-in-class ergonomics. The Carryall is available in electric and gas-powered options to ensure you get the performance and efficiency you need on the work site.

Carryall golf car

Learn More About the Carryall’s Exciting Features

When it comes to finding the right personal transportation vehicle, you need one that works as hard as you. The Carryall includes numerous standard features, which ensures it can stand up to nearly anything thrown its way. Its durable and lightweight frame, ergonomic design, and spacious cargo bed make it the preferred choice for customers tackling the most demanding jobs on the project site. Visit our dealership today and see for yourself the exceptional features of the Carryall, including:

  • Lightweight Design
  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Frame
  • Rustproof
  • Comfortable Ride
  • Best-In-Class Ergonomics
  • Up to 19 Miles per Hour

Completely Customizable Features That Work for You

Every job site is different and requires specific equipment to complete the project. At Appalachian Golf Cars, we’ve made work easier by offering completely customizable solutions for your Carryall. An electric battery upgrade will improve the performance and efficiency of your vehicle so that you can keep it on the job site longer. We also offer tools storage accessories that provide easy and secure transportation of your tools and equipment. Appalachian Golf Cars is an authorized dealer of Club Car. As a full-service dealership, we offer sales, maintenance, and repair services. Stop in today to see our selection and test drive a Carryall for yourself.

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