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The Villager Safely Transports People in North Carolina

Appalachian Golf Cars provides customers throughout North Carolina with a wide selection of high-quality leisure and utility vehicles for residential, commercial, and industrial use. We believe in providing the best service and selection available in the industry. We offer maintenance service, repair, and new and used low-speed vehicle sales. The Villager 6 and Villager 8 make transporting up to eight people throughout your facility easy, safe, and efficient. You can customize your Villager’s color, number of seats, and power. There are also numerous premium accessories for those who need them. Build the perfect PTV for your business.

Spacious Seating for Up to Eight Passengers

The Villager is a comfortable and reliable personal transportation vehicle designed for six or eight passengers. It can be used in large campuses, industrial spaces, golf clubs, resorts, and much more to transport customers efficiently and safely throughout the area without needing conventional cars or vans. The Villager can access narrow roadways and doesn’t need an expensive road infrastructure. Learn more about the Villager 6 and the Villager 8 to determine which ride is best for you:

Completely Customizable Solutions for Your PTV

The Villager class of PTVs is the best choice when transporting up to 8 passengers across a large area. Its smooth drive and spacious design ensure your passengers feel safe during the trip. Villagers are used in industrial workplaces, resorts, golf courses, and campuses all throughout North Carolina. At Appalachian Golf Cars, you can always count on our knowledgeable and experienced service professionals to recommend the right golf cart or personal transportation vehicle for your needs. Visit our North Carolina dealership today to browse our selection of new and used golf carts and low-speed leisure vehicles.

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